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Интересные факты об англоязычных странах - Канада

Интересные факты об англоязычных странах - Канада

Интересные факты об англоязычных странах - Канада

1. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.

2. Major cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

3. The 2 main languages spoken in Canada are English and French.

4. Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area (Russia is the largest).

5. Canada features the longest coastline in the world, stretching 202080 kilometres (125570 miles).

6. Canada shares the longest land border in the world with the United States, totaling 8891 kilometres (5525 miles).

7. The name Canada has been derived from “ Kanata”, the Iroquoian word meaning settlement or village.

8. Canada has over 30000 lakes.

9. Winters can be very cold in Canada with temperatures dropping below −40 °C (−40 °F) in some parts of the country.

10. Canada is rich in resources such as zinc, nickel, lead and gold.

11. The most popular sport in Canada is ice hockey.

12. The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol and features prominently on the national flag.

13. The world’s first frozen food, “Ice Fillets’ is said to have been invented by a marine scientist, Archibald Huntsman, in 1929. Fish fillets are now a popular food over the world.

14. Basketball was invented by a Canadian sports coach and innovator, James Naismith.

15. The electron microscope, the electronic organ, Kerosene, the snowmobile, the IMAX film system and the electric cooking range are all Canadian inventions.

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